About L!NT



The designs are made in a pocket book, in three phases:

  • a sketch in pencil made quickly made during the day (programmation)
  • finishing the sketch with pencil and chalc pencil at a quieter time (debugging)
  • scanning, uploading and publishing in the blog(compilation)

The designs can be considered as being the protected classes of the instances (see below). While instances may differ amongst each other in size, detail or other presentational aspects, the topological order of the instanciated class will always be respected( if there’s a representation of a torus in the design, the topographical shapes in the instances may differ (donut -tire), the instance will always be representing a topological torus.


I make instances (larger handmade copies)  of the designs and sell those to support my other creative activities (writing, messing around with programs, Cathedral Building, painting, reading, in short all the things one  needs to do to  save the World on your Own without being Noticed Too Much and Having Fun at It).

Instances (signed – chalks on quality paper  – with artist fixation spray (yuck:  horrid things)) are avalable in these European Standard sizes at the listed price:

A5——————24,50 € + port (Steinbach paper 250g)
A4 —————– 49,50 € + port (Steinbach paper 250g)
A3—————–149,50 € + port  (Clairefontaine paper 180g)
A2—————–249,50 € + port (Clairefontaine paper 180g)

Please place your orders by mailing to
mijn e-mail adres

‘t Depends on where you live really,  and the time it takes to get to you,
but once you commission  an instance i’ll start working on it as soon as possible,
and it will be yours
in NO TIME to enjoy FOR EVER!


This supportive sale is a  M.O.S.S.E.L– project.
-is a subroutine of the  Neue Kathedrale des erotischen Elends (2004-present day).

The  Neue Kathedrale des erotischen Elends is a reboot of Kurt Schwitters original Cathedral.

The NKdeE is running on the independant  dv-system (that’s me) and is internationally notorious for not behaving properly e.g., it’s listed in the  Rhizome database of net-art objects while it’s neither art nor an object, really.  I’m a rather nice guy, in fact.